10 May

Revamped Advanced Herbal Medicine Course: What's New and Exciting? 

We're thrilled to unveil our completely revamped Advanced Herbal Course, now bigger and better than ever before! This exciting update includes a vast expansion featuring 87 new videos, 77 stunning graphics, 10 fresh video case studies, and a wealth of updated research and clinical insights. With over 100 additional educational hours, this course is led by a panel of 60+ esteemed herbalists.

Enroll now to secure your spot with a $500 discount and receive over $1,000 in bonuses!

Revamped Advanced Herbal Medicine Course

Discover the Course Overhaul

Our celebration doesn't stop there! To complement our enhanced Advanced Herbal Course, we're introducing the Clinical Skills Herbal Course, available exclusively and FREE to all pre-registrants. Enroll now and gain access to this invaluable resource alongside the Advanced Herbal Course.

Unveiling New Learning Opportunities

Connect with your instructors through 6 LIVE classes every Tuesday from June 11 to July 16, and enjoy a complimentary 2-month clinical mentorship with expert Herbal Academy instructor, Erika Galentin.

Exciting Bonus: 4-Volume Textbook Set

Responding to popular demand, this expansion includes a stunning 4-volume textbook set, enriching your herbal foundations and providing a comprehensive resource for your herbal journey.

Pre-Registration Now Open

Take advantage of our special pre-registration offer with $500 off and an additional $1,000 in bonuses. Early bird savings are available for a limited time.

Unlocking Herbal Formulation: A Sneak Peek

Delve into the world of herbal formulation with our new Clinical Skills Herbal Course. Learn to craft custom herbal blends tailored to specific needs, whether for personal use or clinical practice.

Mastering Herbal Formulation

Herbal formulation is akin to storytelling. Once you've grasped the basics, you can create personalized blends that nourish and heal, tailored to individual needs and conditions.

Approaches to Herbal Formulation

Explore different approaches to herbal formulation, including physiological actions, energetic qualities, and traditional systems like TCM and Ayurveda.

Join Us for a Deeper Dive

Enroll in our 100-hour Clinical Skills Herbal Course, included FREE with pre-registration for the Advanced Herbal Course. Save $500 and unlock over $1,000 in bonuses, including LIVE teaching sessions and exclusive resources.

Embark on Your Herbal Journey

Whether you're starting from scratch or advancing your skills, our offerings cater to all levels. Save big on enrollment with our comprehensive Clinical Herbalist Path Package.

Don't Miss Out

Explore the world of herbalism with confidence.

Join us to save on enrollment and gain access to unparalleled resources. Take your herbal journey to the next level!

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